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Worth Seeking Out..

March 19th, 2005
  • I have always been a fan of Wusthof knives, the quality edge and superb balance seemed perfect. Recently however, I tried a new toy, a 4 1/2 inch Paring knife by Global. These Japanese knives are thin and razor sharp. The forged blades are welded onto hollow, dimpled steel handles to form one seamless piece. These knives are very light, and I find them great for dicing vegetables. Available at most fine kitchen supply stores.
  • Riedel “O” Wine Tumblers are a fun addition to your wine glass collection. These wine glasses do not have the stem which is typical for wine glasses, but they do have the bowl shape that allows the wine to properly breathe. I enjoy these tumblers because they are different and more casual, a perfect glass for quaffing a summer wine. Available at www.iwawine.com.
  • Do you like spicy sausages? If so, then you have to try Hans’ All Natural Gourmet Sausage. I recently ate the Chicken Sausage with Fresh Cilantro and it was spectacular, bold flavors with plenty of heat. Check their website www.hansallnatural.com to determine a retailer near you.


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