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Worth Seeking Out…

May 29th, 2005
  • Mecox Bay Dairy is a new artisinal cheese maker in Bridgehampton, New York. Art Ludlow, who was a former potato farmer, now raises cows. They presently offer three cheeses: Atlantic Mist which is soft ripened cheese akin to brie, Shawondasee which is a semi-hard tomme with a natural rind and a mild taste, and lastly Sunrise, which is also a tomme, but with a washed rind and therefore rather pungent flavor. A new Gruyere is planned for late fall. These cheeses are available at The Village Cheese Shop in Southampton, Cavaniola’s Gourmet in Sag Harbor, and the Fairview Farm stand in Bridgehampton (Mecox & Horsemill Ln.).
  • Tiger Spud Potato Chips are grown and kettle cooked by the Foster Farm, long time potato farmers in Sagaponac, New York. These chips are very tasty, and are not mass produced – you can actually taste the potato.
  • The farm stands are turning green. They are overflowing with asparagus, peas, lettuce and spinach. It is so nice to have a salad with fresh greens, and a good vinaigrette.


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