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Worth Seeking Out…

July 18th, 2006
  • Mecox Bay Dairy, which is located in my town of Bridgehampton, has started to make a fourth type of cheese this year – Gruyere. I think this cheese may be my favorite. It makes a grilled cheese sandwich – add a little dijon mustard to an English Muffin, top with cheese, broil and eat. Note that this is still a very small cheese maker, but they are well distributed in the Hamptons.
  • The Farmer’s Markets are filled with great items this time of year, but if one item was screaming my name, it was the zucchini blossoms. Have you ever had them stuffed with some mozzarella cheese, dunked in a batter and fried…pure heaven.
  • Do you love pasta? Most are made with a durum wheat semolina. I thought I would try whole wheat pasta for a healthy alternative, and found it gummy and unappetizing. But recently I had Farro Pasta, which looks like whole wheat, but is made with emmer wheat. Yum, this was really tasty, keep your eye open for it in Italian specialty stores.
  • During my trip to Big Sur, I went into Carmel one day and found a magnificent cheese shop, The Cheese Shop of Carmel. The cheese selection is great, and the staff is really helpful. An added bonus is the breadth of regional wines choices. The Cheese Shop website


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