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Worth seeking out…

February 26th, 2004
  • Chicken can get tiresome if always cooked the same way. Try cooking your next chicken on a clay cocorico, which looks like a sombrero. The chicken cavity is placed over the point of the sombrero, which allows the juices to drain and marinate any vegetables you cook along with it. Available at www.napastyle.com.
  • Bacon can be a fabulous treat, but you need to explore beyond your supermarket shelf. Visit www.gratefulpalate.com to see the dozens of varieties available. Two I enjoyed recently were: Nodineєs apple flavored smoked bacon which was great with eggs, and North Country cob smoked bacon, a thick cut bacon with a strong smoky taste, perfect for a BLT.
  • Perhaps you can’t visit Mark Miller’s excellent Coyote Café in Sante Fe N.M.; but you can eat his outstanding salsas, Coyote Cocina. Two of my favorite salsas are the Fire Roasted Salsa and the New Mexico Green Chili Salsa. Available at many grocery stores and dozens of food web sites.


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