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Worth Seeking Out…

September 28th, 2004
  • Whether you are making a tomato sauce or a vegetable soup, one staple for your pantry should be a tomato paste. I like Amore double concentrated tomato paste that is sold in a tube. The packaging increases its shelf life, and the size is very convenient.
  • Winter squash are in season. Although there are many varieties, I use acorn and butternut most often. Roasted squash is a great alternative to potatoes or rice, and is just as easy to cook.
  • Keep your eye open for good wine sales this time of year. Retail stores need to reduce their inventory to make room for new vintages, and may be offering your favorite Bordeaux or Super Tuscan at a discounted price.
  • Although I must have a half dozen guide books on Rome, I find none better than Rome In Detail published by Rizzoli. It certainly discusses the major sites, but more importantly it also addresses those hidden gems off the beaten path. The book is organized by neighborhoods, nine in all, with clear detailed maps, suggested walking tours, and many highlighted cultural attractions.


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