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Worth Seeking Out……

October 19th, 2004
  • Web sites are a great resource for information as well as products. A few of my favorites are: www.nimanranch.com for high quality meats shipped fresh not frozen, www.penzys.com for herbs and spices, www.epicurious.com & www.foodtv.com for recipes, and for cheese www.murrayscheese.com.
  • Fresh ingredients have the best flavor, and garlic is no exception. Try to avoid the jars of minced garlic and peeled garlic cloves, they are too old. I prefer the freshest heads of garlic available, those where the cloves are hard to pry away from the head. It may take a couple minutes to mince your own garlic, but the freshness and flavor are worth the effort.
  • D’Artagnan makes a frozen demi glace that is ideal for stews or braised dishes. It is a concentrated duck and veal stock that will add richness and a depth of flavor to your dishes. Available at www.dartagnan.com and at specialty stores.


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