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Wine of the Month: Unti Petit Frere Syrah 2001 ($20)

January 28th, 2004

Unti Vineyards, based in Dry Creek Valley, California is a smaller winery that has produced some excellent Syrah. The Petit Frere Syrah is a blend of 84% Syrah, 6% Mouvedre, 5% Dolcetto, and 5% Sangiovese. This wine is made more in a Rhone style (as opposed to the plummy Australian style), but is a touch lighter and fruitier. It is dark red with round, lush dark berried fruit. The addition of the Dolcetto and Sangiovese softens the Syrah, and adds a touch of acidity to give it a young, fresh taste. This is a delicious medium bodied wine that would be a perfect compliment to your winter meals.


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