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Wine Of The Month: Colombelle, Cotes de Gascogne ’04 ($6)

July 26th, 2005

There is nothing better on those hot summer days than a cold, refreshing beverage. Well this wine will certainly do the trick. It is a crisp white wine that explodes with fruit. I tasted apples, peaches, a hint of honey, with a clean citrus finish. I find this wine to be quite lush and round, but the citrus at the end makes it very well balanced. It is not sweet, but the amount of fruit certainly gives it a level of richness. I think this would be a great first bottle of wine to get your evening started. It would also pair well with grilled fish, pork with a barbeque glaze, or any spicy dishes. I am definitely going to drink some Colombelle this August, and for $6, I think you should at least try it!


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