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La Mangeoire – Under the Radar

April 5th, 2013

Where should you eat French food in NYC? Well, all the buzz today is about Lafayette, Andrew Carmellini’s place that will open in a couple weeks. Calliope, Le Philosophe, or a classic like Baltazar also are quite admired, but are very hard to get into. Isn’t there a restaurant that serves good food and that you don’t need to wait 4 weeks for a reservation? Yes, thankfully there are restaurants under the radar.

La Mangeoire is a real gem located on 2nd Avenue and 53rd Street.

La Mangeoire Restaurant

Remember in 1998 the NY Times awarded Christian Delouvrier of Lespinasse 4 Stars? Well, Chef Delouvrier is at the helm at La Mangeoire, and he is turning out some stellar food. This charming restaurant has been around since 1975, and the quaint atmosphere makes you feel like you are eating in Provence. The food is simple, but superbly prepared. Mussels, Roast Chicken, or Coq au Vin all rock. The dish that really captured my attention was the Frisee Salad…the poached egg was breaded and fried and was paired with delicious lardons….heaven.

La Mangeoire was a great every time that I visited it, and I can’t wait to go back. I will seek out other restaurants under the radar and keep you posted.



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