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Five Favorite Bites in the Hamptons

August 4th, 2010

I just returned from a two week vacation in Bridgehampton and ate some great food. I wanted to share my five favorite bites…

Eating a pot of mussels at Sunset Beach on Shelter Island is what the summer is all about. The mussels are always delicious, and the setting is to die for. Overlooking the beach while the sun was setting was certainly a highlight of the summer.

Della Femina Restaurant in East Hampton had an appetizer of braised wagyu beef short ribs over a cuscino (little pillow) that was spectacular. The cuscino, which is a large ravioli, was stuffed with ricotta cheese and herbs; and it tasted like  a puffy cloud.  Wow.

Pierre’s is a French restaurant in Bridgehampton that is becoming quite the scene. Although the restaurant serves good food, my favorite part is the take-out section that specializes in pastries. Try the almond croissant; it’s amazing.

Almond Croissant

Almond Croissant

Mac & Cheese is not a dish that I typically associate with summer; but sometimes it’s fun to mix things up. I shared a plate of Mac, Cheese & Bacon with friends at Race Lane in East Hampton; and this decadent treat was gobbled up in no time. It’s interesting how much everybody loves comfort foods.

Ever get tired of the glitz in the Hamptons? Then try Oasis in Noyac, a non-pretentious gem overlooking the harbor. The miso-glazed halibut was superb, and the mini tuna tartare tacos were priceless.

3 Responses to “Five Favorite Bites in the Hamptons”

  1. Maureen Ferrari says:

    Ed, We miss you and Nora already!!!!! Yes, I agree….Sunset Beach is ‘hands down’ the best experience … with the sunset, mussels, a wonderful wine, and, of course, Nora and Ed as your company…. also, make sure you request the second floor outdoor tables by the railing to enjoy the total experience! Also in Shelter Island that you guys didn’t get to this time, I think, is the amazing Vine Street Cafe.

  2. John Casey says:

    you’re only a boat ride across the sound. Give a holler. We can enjoy a meal together.

  3. Aside from the crazed sex and celebrity parties, the food is indeed something to crow about out in The Hamptons and you covered it well. Also, weren’t you and Nora seen with that infamous author of SOUTH OF THE HIGHWAY and MAYHEM IN THE HAMPTON CLASSIC on those mean streets of Amagansett. The Hamptons miss you guys already.

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