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WINE TASTING – Prosecco. A Taste of the Bubbly…

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

This the season to drink some bubbly. Champagne continues to set the standard for sparkling wines, but a fun alternative is Prosecco. If you ever had a Bellini in Harry’s bar, or sipped a sparking wine overlooking Lake Como, then you’ve had Prosecco. It is the sparkling wine made in the Veneto, a region in northeastern Italy. As opposed to Champagne that can improve as it ages, Prosecco is meant to be served young. It is a fun, lively, inexpensive sparking wine which is delicious. Of all the Proseccos we tasted, these were the favorites:

Carpene Malvolti ($14)
The hands down winner. The wine was straw colored, fresh and lively. It was packed with fruit and exhibited floral scents. A great mouth-feel, and a nice long finish. Delicious.
Aneri ($15)
A very sophisticated wine, with a complexity of flavors. It was dry and well integrated.
Ombra ($12)
A fresh, fun wine that had an enormous amount of ripe fruit flavor. Good effervescence and balance.

The Wine Cellar

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

December is a time to celebrate. Now is the time to open some of your better bottles of wine and share them with family and friends.

It is also a great time to find new wines that really excite you. If you go to a restaurant for a special dinner, try something new. Ask the sommelier to recommend a great bottle in your price range.

Another fun way to find wines that you love is to throw a dinner party for friends, and ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine. But be specific, for example a St. Joseph from the Rhone, and give the desired price range.